Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fashion, Design, Shopping at Dongdaemun

Next to Myeongdong which is a hyper shopping district, for me, probably the next would be Dongdaemun.

If you're looking for clothing, then this would be the place you would most likely find what you are in need of.

There are a number of giant shopping malls all clustered together and each building has 6 to 7 floors of shopping, shopping and more shopping. From childrens' to womens' to mens' and everything in between, its all here. Mostly what's sold is whats in season, so if you come during the winter, you wont's find any tank tops or shorts. But korean fashion has been considered one of the most trendy so make sure to give it a try. The down size is that if you're not as slim or close to how koreans are build, then you most likely have no luck in finding a big size.

It could take you an entire day to shop in this district but once youve seen one mall, they're mostly all the same.

The seller's could be really of a 'hard-sell' as there are hundreds of them in competition, so if you're set on getting a particular product or item, don't try to bargain it down or else they won't let you leave the store and you may end up getting something because you started bargaining for it.

Once you've finished all your shopping, it would great to do some sight seeing, right? Well lucky for me just across all these shopping malls is this oddly shaped building that looks like an alien ship. This is the DDP or the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Its worth looking around and exploring as there is a museum inside, a couple of shops, and some great architecture. Also, its connected to the subway so access is very easy.

Get there: By Subway, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (Lines 4, light blue and 1, dark blue)

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